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Bishop Of Llandaf Bites

Posted by Sprout Editor from Cardiff - Published on 15/10/2012 at 14:34
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On Friday theSprout paid a visit to Bishop Of Llandaf's PSE day, where some of the Year 9s shared their thoughts and opinions on topics from Gangnam Style to Nazi Zombies.

Have a read, leave a comment and let us know if you'd like us to come to your PSE day by emailing arielle@thesprout.co.uk or sam@thesprout.co.uk, or calling 029 2046 2222.

Audi Vs BMW by GingerNinja12
I just want to get people's opinions on these cars :)

Gangnam Style by curly fries 5000
Gangnam Style
is super funny but it's in Korean. If you know Korean, can you translate it for me so I know what he's saying? He pretends to ride a horse and he gets to have a five minute long music video.

Inportant People by AnnieJ
Who is the most important person in your life? For me, it is my parents.

LMFAO by curly fries 5000
LMFAO are awesome because they released loads of music like Sexy And I Know It, Sorry For Party Rocking and Party Rocking. LMFAO's performers are called Sky Blue and Redfoo.

Cardiff City Or Swansea by ccfcbluebird12
This story is an easy answer, Cardiff play better football and have better players like Bellamy, Noone, Maynard and the legendary Peter Whittingham. Cardiff all the way. Boom.

Ashley Cole Twitter Outrage by xxXrhinopenguinXxx
Ashley Cole had a go at the FA for banning John Terry for racism on Anton Ferdinand! Was there any reason to do that?

Asda Sucks, And So Does Morrisons And Sainsbury's by curly fries 5000
Asda always look on Tesco's website to see how much they're selling stuff for. And if they sell baked beans for 50p, Asda will sell them for 49p. The reason I know this is because I saw someone who works in Asda on the Tesco website and they saw Tesco selling baked beans for 50p, and they changed the price of their baked beans to 49p.

Sims 3 Glitches by MK9distroyer
When sims are being stupid or your computer has not been working properly, all sorts of things happen! Like your sim walks into a wall and gets stuck and when you send your sim to the shop and it never comes out!

Bear Grylls Is Awesome by curly fries 5000
Does anyone know who Bear Grylls is? Because he's the chief scout and he does two shows called Bear Grylls: Born Survivor and Man vs Wild. I watched a video on how to outrun free runners. You can outrun free runners by throwing stuff in front of them, such as bins and binmen and shopping carts. And if you run up hills you should keep your body slanted.

Slang Rights by Elite assassin1
Lately, people in my school have been speaking in slang and getting told off. I don't think it's fair. So, I am protesting that it's not fair; it's not right if someone wants to go to school and say "what's up, blud?" then that's fine. All I'm saying is that it's wrong, so join me and we can put a stop to it.

Cardiff Olympics Gymnastics Club by cheesemonkey1
Cardiff Olympics Gymnastics Club is for people who are interested in gymnastics. It is based in Leckwith behind B&Q. There are different days for different standards. I have been going to gym for eight years. I train on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and sometimes a Monday. They also do cheerleading, free running, and dancing.

Lights In The Night Sky by smurphy12
When I look up, all I see is lights, lights in the night sky. They twinkle and twirl all bright different colours, all different and creative. So beautiful, they shine upon the moon and reflect on down to my face. When I look up, that's all I see shine down on me.

Getting Scared When You Walk Into A Lift by dobby :P
Walking into a lift is one of life's challenges. You probably will not feel the same about this. When I walk into a lift, my first panic is that the doors will close on me and crush me, but after I have entered the lift (filled with many sweaty people I have never met before) and the doors have closed in front of me, there is a sudden jolt and I get a strange numbness in my ears. However, the relief of leaving the lift is the best feeling in the world.

Cravendale Milk by MK9distroyer
The cats are coming! Argh, run!

Nazi Zombies by mp40pizzaman
Nazi Zombies, hmm, what to say. I am disgusted at the noobs who play it. It should be a game to have a bit of fun and to have a bit of competition and the noobs that aren't ready and don't play so you should play and have fun.

Hillsbrough Accusations by xxXrhinopenguinXxx
It was a tragedy that happened during a football match. 96 people died.

The Important Things by AnnieJones
What is the most important thing you have done in your life so far? I also have another question, what is your biggest dream? Maybe your biggest dream is to lose weight, or be a good athletics, or be in the next Olympics?

Formula 1 by curly fries 5000
Formula 1 is so awesome. But there are massive crashes and sometimes people can die. Michael Schumacher almost died because he snapped his neck but he retired for four years and he's back until the end of the season, then he's going to retire and so Lewis Hamilton is going to replace Schumacher and Paul Diresta is going to replace Hamilton.

McDonald's Or KFC? by maneatingant
There's always been arguments which one is better. They both have there cons and pros, like every time I go into KFC, it's usually quite messy and disordered, whereas in McDonald's it's pretty tidy. But in McDonald's, the burgers never look like they do on the menu, whereas in KFC they usually look like they do on the menu which is good. Post a comment to see which one you prefer, KFC or McDonald's?

Sleeping On The Streets by xxXrhinopenguinXxx
I hope everybody that is on the streets can be helped so that they can have a nice life with a job, instead of begging for money. When you see a homeless person, please help and give some spare change so they can eat tonight.

Against Bullying? by LeSlenderMan
Some people use their time to bully people. Are you against bullying?

No TV? by AnnieJones
TV seems to be very important to some people around the world, but the question is "what would you do if the was no TV in the world, if TV didn't even exist?"

School Lunchtime by Elite assassin1
At school, you have a time when you need to have your lunch. That's okay but what isn't okay is the queuing. You wait in a huge line for ages and most of all people after people push in front of you and that gets on my nerves. Some people have been injured due to people pushing. Well, no more. Help me put a stop to it once and for all.

COD Nazi Zombies Vs Dead Island by Elite assassin1
People wonder which is better; COD Nazi Zombies or Dead Island, and I can answer that question for all of you. COD and its zombie gameplay has futuristic weapons in it, like a ray-gun, but Dead Island is all about zombies. You wake up one morning from a hangover and find out that your holiday wonder island and its residents are all zombies, and you just have to survive the threat. But in COD, you are a solder and you wake up from a plane crash and you are surrounded by zombies, and the aim of it is just to have fun and survive, so as you can see, they are both good.

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IMAGE: Bishop Of Llandaff

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Sprout Editor

Sprout Editor

Commented 43 months ago - 17th October 2012 - 10:35am

Great stuff everyone. I look forward to seeing you next week.
curly fries 5000 - I wish I could speak Korean too
ccfcbluebird12 - Cardiff City all the way!
cheesemonkey1 - what's the age range for the gym club? You should add it to our events calendar.
smurphy12 - that's beautiful. You should write some more creative writing for theSprout.
LeSlenderMan - I am definitely against bullying.
Elite assassin1 - have you told a teacher? Maybe you should write a letter to a teacher explaining the situation. People tend to take letters seriously.

Everyone - please keep writing, these are all brilliant!


Commented 43 months ago - 26th October 2012 - 09:01am

we r 8s

nobby :D

Commented 43 months ago - 26th October 2012 - 09:15am

ha ha ha i love the lift one that is the BEST i always feel that when i go in!!!


Commented 43 months ago - 26th October 2012 - 09:15am

yeeee mannnn!!!!

curly fries 5000

Commented 43 months ago - 26th October 2012 - 09:17am

awesome i've got loads of articles on this article one is at the top called gangnam style


Commented 43 months ago - 26th October 2012 - 09:34am

It is quite cool that the sprout go into schools, and get people involved in this kind of stuff. But just wandering you do know we are year 8, not year 9 unless you see them aswell? :P

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