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Beginning Of A Big Adventure

Posted by anikopromo from Cardiff - Published on 11/10/2011 at 14:01
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Yn Gymraeg

It was a dream of mine to spend a long period of time in the UK after I graduated at University, because I would like to try myself out in a different country.

I’m a Hungarian girl and I’m now an EVS Volunteer at ProMo-Cymru for 11 months in Cardiff and I’ve never been to the UK never before.

It’s a big change for me to live and work in a new country. The first two days I was totally shocked, because everything was different, not even the coffee tastes the same here.

I was lost on the streets also, because the traffic is opposite here (we drive on the right in Hungary) and I was afraid to cross the road. On the bus I searched for the ticket machine; I couldn’t believe that I should threw my money in to a shredder.

I also had problems in my new house. For example the first night I locked myself out of my room. I didn’t know that I have a special lock on the door. I was lucky because I live on the ground floor and my windows were open.

It was also lucky that they were hinged at the top, so it was easier to clamber in. But they were still quite high. Thankfully my flatmates helped me out: one girl was pushed through the window from the street by two boys of us, belly down and feet first. Another flatmate broadcasted the whole process live on Skype for his friend.

It was really funny and it was also a great feeling that whenever I’m lost here, I have cool flatmates, who are there to help me when I make a mistake. It’s like living with in a new family.

Now I have the big task to settle down, to acclimatise and to learn how the things run here. And I know it’s a beginning of a big adventure and a friendship with Wales.

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IMAGE: Fortress Hungary by msaari

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Commented 55 months ago - 11th October 2011 - 16:25pm

This was such a fun read! It's amazing to think that there can be such vast differences between countries that are relatively close together! Think about England and Wales, there are major differences there as well!

Again, a great read and I'd love to hear more of your wacky adventures!



Commented 55 months ago - 12th October 2011 - 11:40am

When I first moved to the UK, I didn't understand why all sinks had two taps (one which had very hot water and the other with very cold water), why there was a wash basin in my bedroom, why I had to turn on the toilet light by pulling a piece of string and why every door is a "fire door" that you have to "keep shut". Welcome to Britain! :)



Commented 55 months ago - 13th October 2011 - 10:01am

hahahha. When I first came to Wales I was impressed of puting the garbage out in front of your house (without using any kind of bin) and once at week or each two weeks!
In Spain the garbage is collected everyday! :)

Sprout Editor

Sprout Editor

Commented 55 months ago - 13th October 2011 - 12:55pm

It's so interesting hearing about how other people live. When I went to Thailand for the first time I couldn't believe that there was no toilet paper in the bathroom, just a hose pipe thing!

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