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A Tribute: The Paris Attacks

Posted by simdude101 (correspondent) from Cardiff - Published on 16/11/2015 at 16:09
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  • Peace For Paris

On Friday 13th November 2015, Paris was ravaged by brutal terrorist attacks that have shocked Europe and the world.

Carried out by ISIL, the attacks consisted of shootings in Parisian bars and restaurants, bombs outside the Stade de France during a international friendly between Germany and France that President Hollande was attending, and a storm of the Bataclan theatre during a concert by a US band Eagles of Death Metal.

The attacks were brutal, they were horrific, and they were disgraceful.

Together they have totalled a number of around 129 deaths, approximately 87 of these were in the Bataclan concert hall. The people who carried out these attacks hate freedom.

Remarkable stories are emerging of lucky escapes, such as a man who was protected from shrapnel from one of the bombs by his mobile phone, and a shocking video has emerged of people pouring out of the emergency exits of the Bataclan theatre, whist gunshots can be heard from inside the hall.

Buildings all over the world have lit up in red, white and blue to show solidarity with Paris, including structures such as New York's One World Trade Centre and the Sydney Opera House.

Facebook have added a temporary feature, by where you can add a theme to your profile picture, of the French flag, which becomes imposed over your actual picture.

The world is under attack from these brutal and inhumane people. Now more than ever, we need to unite. Please show your solidarity with Paris.

I leave you with a few words President Hollande said the day after the attacks:

"My dear compatriots, what happened last night in Paris and in Saint Denis by the Stade de France, is an act of war."

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