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A Defense Of The Internet

Posted by SamuelPatterson from Cardiff - Published on 22/11/2011 at 10:03
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Author's note: This article was written in direct response to DanielleNicole15's article The Internet And His Powers. I encourage you to read her article so that you can see things from both sides and make up your mind. As with Danielle's article, these views are my own, although you are more than welcome to adopt them as your own if you wish.

We don't need the internet. Having said that, we don't need our arms and legs. They are not part of our main body and we'd be able to live without them. But, it would be very difficult. Just like life without the internet. The internet was developed for quickly sharing information and having access to that information whenever you needed it.

It makes our lives easier; something which has always been at the forefront of invention. We don't invent things to make our lives more difficult. Every tool ever developed, from the first sharpened rock to the pen, from the tomato slicer to the internet, has been designed to make our lives easier. But of course, making life too easy can be dangerous.

Did you know that a year after winning the lottery, most winners claim to be no happier than they were before they won? This is because they re-acclimatise to their new conditions and form a new baseline. The same thing (in my opinion), applies to ease of life and the internet. We have made things so easy for human beings over the last few thousand years. We now find ourselves in an age of technological advancement, where our whole lives can be carried out quickly and efficiently through the magic of the internet or writing a quick note on your iPhone. However, even though compared to a thousand years ago this technology seems miraculous and life-altering; we now, as a culture take it for granted.

I was walking down the street the other day complaining to myself about how my phone was being slow when I tried to call my mum. I then reminded myself how lucky I am to have this technology at all. A hundred years ago, the only way to make contact with a loved one was by sending a letter from the other side of the country. A few hundred years ago, if you wanted to see someone in America, you'd have to sail for weeks, not call them up on Skype.

We, as human beings, are the cause of the internet. We are also the cause of the atrocities the internet has been used for, including causing suicide by anonymous cyber bullying, credit card fraud, spreading lies and hate campaigns, ruining people’s lives and a lot more. It is the not the internet’s fault that it is used for evil as well as good. If humans were more responsible and respectful with the power they’ve created, there wouldn’t be as many problems.

We created a miracle which sparked a new age in the human race: an age which allowed information to be sent to the other side of the world in a matter of seconds; an age which allowed games and entertainment for hours; an age which allowed you to maintain contact with loved ones even if you were on the other side of our great planet. Then our baseline reset. We are no longer as amazed by the internet as we were in 1997, and we have had to create other uses for the internet in order to sustain our interest in this miracle. These have been I’m sad to say, rather destructive in nature. Don’t blame the internet. Blame humans.

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Commented 54 months ago - 23rd November 2011 - 13:25pm

Great article! I really liked it, congratulations!

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