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13 Opportunities: From July's Youth-Led Sprout Editorial Group Meeting

Posted by Tom (Sub-Editor) from Cardiff - Published on 05/08/2014 at 15:11
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On the last Thursday of each month, we from Sprout Towers HQ meet with our volunteering hitsquad, also known as our youth-led Sprout Editorial Group (SEG), to discuss all things Sprout.

If you're not sure what the "meetings"/informal chats are about, you can check here. Two words might help summarise and incentivise this for you: 'FREE STUFF'! 

The full record of everything that went on last Thursday can be found here, but a briefer, snappier version of all the opportunities that resulted from the meeting can be found below.

If you can't wait until the last Thursday of the month to get your hands on FREE STUFF and to have your say on theSprout, you can join our FB group for free, where we’re always posting useful stuff (or, at least, we think so!). 

See you at the next SEG meeting

1.         Sprout Improvement // Our June 2014 stats showed a mighty increase in visits, submissions and comments! Please keep visiting, submitting and suggesting Sprout improvement ideas – it’s working so far!

2.            Publishing // We’re looking for young people interested in researching, designing and putting together a small, pass-it-on printed magazine of theSprout. Do get in touch, especially if you think you can find extra funding for us!

3.            Free Workshop // Would anyone be interested in a free web journalism workshop, hosted by us in the Abacus (a space kinda owned by us)? Please do let us know your thoughts (comment is free). 

4.            Decision // Should future Sprout Editorial Group meetings happen at the Abacus?

5.            Publishing // We’re looking for volunteers to write and/or edit/produce an edition of our once- or twice-monthly Digest magazine (example here), which is published online and goes out to over 5000 followers and influential organisations directly via email! Current slots:

·         Mid-August -

·         Late-August - Tom B

·         Mid-September -

·         Late-September -

·         NB: Adam wants to do one but no date yet picked.

6.            Make Money // If you like the idea of gaining skills, accreditation and £70 for your back (or front or side or chest or other) pocket, you may want to volunteer at the Motorpoint in October for SkillsCymru

7.            Contribute now // What FAQ’s or topics should be covered in Wales’ Official Information Service for young people on the topic of People In Your Life? This topic is about stuff like relationships, fam, friendships, separation and loss. That’s right, our ‘Info’ pages are part of this official service, and we’re revamping them at the mo, one section at a time.

8.            Have your say // What do you think future technology and communications will be like? Our parent company (the people who own us) is 30 years old this year and is developing a display about how communications have changed over the last 30 years. They want to know where the next 30 years will take us…

9.            Have your say // We have a new Book of the Month for our Online Book Club, which is supported by Cardiff Libraries. It’s Nation by Terry Pratchett! Get your Reading Power on this summer!

10.          Poll // We have a new poll: ‘Do you care about the Commonwealth Games?’ It won’t be up for long, so vote now!

11.          Decision // Would The Wall - the place to put things that don’t fit anywhere else on theSprout (like short stories, videos, article suggestions and writing advice) - be better as a Facebook page than as a Feature on our Homepage? Was a flop on our Homepage last month…

12.          Things to review // Would anyone like to review Ministry of Life vol. 1?

13.          Article Ideas // If you’ve got writers’ block, our Editorial Group would like to suggest that you write about the current Israel and Palestine conflict or the shocking recent troubles in Mill Lane... If you want any more light-hearted ideas, do ask us whenever, by leaving a comment for us anywhere on the site.

Thank you! 

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