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10 Sprout(ing) Opportunities For Young People In Cardiff Right Now!

Posted by Tom (Sub-Editor) from Cardiff - Published on 16/12/2015 at 17:02
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As you probably know by now, theSprout is Cardiff's info and cultural hub for young people, by young people. We have and share all sorts of opportunities for young people all of the time. (Got something to share? Submit an article here.) Here are some little gift-wrapped gems from us right now. Fancy yourself as a writer, reviewer, designer or potential journalist? Or just cut from the Cardiffian creative-type cloth? These are for you. 

10 Sprout(ing) Opportunities For Young People In Cardiff Right Now!

  1. TheSprout is printing a 10,000-copy zine that will go out all across Cardiff in early 2016. Young designers wanted. State your interest below, via FB or email!
  2. TheSprout is getting a brand new, hip (but not hipster) website - also in early 2016! Look out soon for your chance to help design this major new project.
  3. We want to know your Top 15 favourite Sprout articles ever (over 5000 to chose from!) - to feature heavily on the new website! Here's inspiration. Do please share your faves below, via FB or email.
  4. There may be a new international, 16+ magazine created soon (with which you could get involved!) - shhh, it's a secret for now - but more info (and a Cardiff event!) to follow shortly
  5. Win a good prize this Christmastime in the #CreativeCrimbo creative writing competition! Full article here.
  6. Get a free book to review! Full list on page 4 here.
  7. Write an e-digest for 5000 people! Want more info? Ask below, via FB or email!
  8. Get journalism experience! All budding journos need experience turning press releases into interesting articles. and we get loads of press releases that you could try yo thang on. Speak to us below, via FB or email.
  9. Want a work experience that is actually interesting (and useful!)? Send in requests to theSprout early in 2016 and we'll see what we can do.
  10. 10 is a nice number, but this isn't to make up the numbers. Want free review tickets to all the top Cardiff shows? Want to meet loads of really cool, creative Cardiffians? Want to delve further into writing and wordsmithery? Want to direct the future of Cardiff's magazine and info service for young people? Then, join the Sprout Editorial Group on FB everyday, in central library once a month

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