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Seasonal Working

Seasonal working generally refers to types of job that people can do for a summer season or winter season.

  • Make sure you plan well ahead for jobs as there can be a lot of competition from others looking for jobs for the summer or winter
  • Popular jobs over the winter and summer include hospitality and catering as well as tourism and travel, entertainment and childcare
  • It will help if you have relevant experience or a qualification. This will mark you out from other candidates and increase your chances of getting a job

Looking for work in Wales and the UK

  • Seasonal jobs can be advertised in newspapers, on notice boards and online. However, some seasonal jobs are not advertised, so you may have to search harder to find one
  • Careers Wales and LearnDirect can help you find a temporary job
  • You can also contact companies yourself and ask if they would like to employ you for seasonal work
  • Make sure your CV is clear and as up-to-date as possible. See our guidance on CV’s or contact your local careers adviser who can help you with this
    • Looking for work outside Wales and the UK

      • If you are looking for work outside of the UK, Careerswales can give you information on where to look
      • The Internet can also be a good place to find work abroad for a season, for example ski resorts often advertise for workers
      • Many companies can help you find seasonal work abroad, but they often charge you a fee to register
      • If you are looking for summer or winter work in other countries, do your research carefully
      • Try and find work before you leave Wales or the UK. If you can't do this, take enough money with you so you have enough to keep you going
      • For your own safety, let people in the UK know where you are - especially if you're moving around when you work

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