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On foot

As well as a way of getting from one place to another, walking is good for you, costs nothing and is a great way to get some exercise.

  • If you live in a rural area then walking everywhere might not be an option but for those in towns and cities it can be a good way to get around
  • Make sure you plan your journey before you go and know your route
  • Work out roughly how long it will take you, this is really important if you need to be somewhere on time. You can get a rough idea by typing your starting point and destination into google maps and pressing the button for the walking symbol
  • Always be aware of your personal safety if you’re walking on your own. For some useful tips on how to stay safe go to the Crime Prevention section in Law and Rights

Walking holidays

  • A walking holiday can be a great way of seeing the country you are visiting. Going at a slower pace means you'll have time to see more of the details of a country, and it's a great way of meeting people along the way
  • If you are relying on walking for getting around, pack lightly and just take essentials. Its worth investing in a pair of comfortable walking shoes or boots
  • There are many travel companies which run walking holidays, which can be a great way to get fit and explore the outdoors
  • As with any holiday, do a bit of research before you go away. There are many books and internet sites which can give you the information you need


  • If you are ever in doubt about someone offering you a lift, don't take it. Trust your instincts and never put yourself in a dangerous position
  • Hitchhiking can be risky as you do not know who will pick you up. If you are going to hitchhike, make sure you do it in pairs or as a group
  • You should always tell someone where you are trying to catch a lift, and where you want to go. If you do accept a lift, it is a good idea to text someone the number plate of the car you're in so they know where you are
  • In some countries it is offensive to hitchhike, make sure you check you won't be offending your potential hosts

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