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Cycling is a great way to be active while taking in your surroundings, its good exercise and aside from the cost of the bike, costs nothing.

  • Cycling can get you to places faster than a car could in some places and its certainly faster than walking!
  • You must always wear a properly fitting safety helmet when riding a bike in case you are involved in an accident
  • Invest in a good bike lock and chain
  • It is a good idea to take out bicycle insurance, in case anything goes wrong with your bike or if it gets stolen
  • Wales is a great place to go on cycling holidays, and there are plenty of cycle routes which take advantage of the beautiful Welsh countryside

Cycling abroad

  • If you are cycling on roads abroad, remember that most countries drive on the right hand side of the road
  • If you want to take your bike abroad on holiday with you, contact the airline you are travelling with to make sure this is possible. Some airlines require your bike to be partially disassembled, so its best to check before you go away

For more information, see the section on Cycling in Things to Do.

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