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Buses and Coaches

Buses are often a cheap and reliable way of getting around Wales or to travel further afield, coaches offer comfort and cheap travel whether that’s in the UK or travelling throughout Europe.

In Wales

  • Unlike trains, buses have routes that pass through even the smallest towns and villages. This means that people who live in rural areas can get to places, to work, to shop, have fun and see friends
  • Most bus services offer day tickets, weekly tickets, monthly tickets and more, meaning that you can catch any number of buses during those time periods. This can be really useful if you need to travel back and forth to a lot of different places and saves you money
  • Some buses these days even offer free Wi-fi so you can use your phone or other devices and connect to the Internet
  • If you know you’re going to be making a bus journey it’s a good idea to check timetables so you don’t have to wait at bus stops for long periods of time. This is particularly important if you will be travelling at night for your own personal safety and make sure you tell someone what time you expect to catch the bus and when you will be arriving home
  • TravelineCymru is a really useful website that helps you to plan any journey from or around Wales, giving details of buses, trains and also tells you how far you might need to walk between connections. Go to Traveline Cymru

Around the rest of the UK and Europe

  • Coaches are a cheap way of getting to places in the UK and Europe, and although the journeys tend to be longer than trains it can be worth it for the savings you make on the fares
  • National Express and Mega Bus are the main coach services in the UK and into Europe using the Channel Tunnel
  • You can also go on coach holidays, organised by a travel company where you travel on the coach with the same group of people. This type of trip is popular for day trips to particular attractions in Britain
  • If you are already in another country and want to get a coach to another place, its a good idea to book bus or coach travel in other countries before you go as you may not be able to do it when you arrive. You can book on the phone or via the Internet

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