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  • Ferries are one of the cheapest ways of making the short trip to Europe, especially if you travel by foot. They are also useful if you want to take your own car abroad
  • Wales has several main passenger ferry ports - Holyhead, Swansea and Pembroke Dock
  • In England, you can catch a ferry to ports in Spain, France or Holland
  • If you are travelling in Europe, you can often get a ferry between countries. For instance you can travel from Barcelona to the Baleraic Islands like Ibiza, and in Greece, where much of the country is made up of islands, the main form of transport is high speed ferries


  • A cruise ship is a holiday where you travel by boat, often to exotic locations, and then travel around an area
  • Cruises have traditionally been seen as being for older people, but several cruise companies in recent years have run cruises aimed at younger people, and to more unusual locations


  • Sailing can be a great way to see a new country. You will get to see beaches and coves no one else can access
  • It is possible to hire a sailing boat, but the person who hires the boat must have a recognised sailing qualification
  • Hiring a whole boat can be expensive, but if you like sailing one way of catching a lift is by crewing. You can work on board someone else's ship in return for a place to stay and free passage

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