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Air Travel

More people travel by air than ever before and it is an easy and cheap way of going on holiday.

  • Flights can easily be booked on the internet, through a travel agent or directly with an airline telephone booking service
  • When booking a flight, be aware that many advertised prices may be different when you come to book. This is because airlines often charge extra for things like airport tax and luggage
  • Booking in advance can give you huge savings on your ticket price with some well known airlines
  • A short-haul flight is one over a shorter length of time, up to about five hours
  • Long-haul flights go to destinations further away such as the USA and Asia
  • If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation. If you don't ask for it, you won't receive anything, so always find out how you can make a complaint if you feel you have one
  • There are two airports in Wales, in Cardiff and Anglesey

Air travel and the environment

  • The environmental impact of air travel is a growing concern for many people. Making one journey by air is equivalent to a whole year's carbon dioxide emissions of one car
  • Aircraft use more fuel than cars or buses, and because of the altitude they are released at, the carbon dioxide emissions have a more harmful impact on the environment
  • The British government has set itself the target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60% by 2050. However if journeys by air increase at the same rate as they have been for the last decade, it seems unlikely that this target will be achieved
  • For more information on pollution and global issues, visit the Environment section of the CLIConline website

Flying and your health

  • Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias, but you shouldn't let it spoil your holiday. Simple things like taking deep breaths and drinking lots of water should help. You can also attend courses run by airlines to help you get over your fear
  • Make sure you stretch your legs every couple of hours or do gentle leg exercises to keep your feet moving and circulation flowing
  • Jetlag can affect some people more than others, but basically it refers to your body becoming disorientated after a change in time zone. To lessen the effects of jetlag, you should avoid caffeine or alcohol on your journey, and once you arrive at your destination, try to follow the daily routine of that country

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