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Emigration, or taking permanent residence abroad, is a big move that needs to be planned carefully.

  • People choose to emigrate for all sorts of reasons, including financial, health and family reasons, or because they want to move away from circumstances in their native country
  • Each country has its own policies on emigration, so its worth doing your research for information specific to that country
  • There is a useful independent website that will provide you with information you will need to consider

Forced Migration

  • Forced migration may happen to some people who are either refugees or have been forced out of their country due to natural or environmental disasters or famine
  • Refugees are people who have left their country due to fear of persecution of their race, religion, nationality and political opinion
  • Some countries accept refugees and they are protected under the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  • Refugees are legally protected and are entitled to protection under the UNHCR
  • Asylum seekers are those who have moved across an international border, but have not yet achieved refugee status. Asylum seekers are not protected under the UNHCR
  • For more information go the Immigration and Asylum section

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