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Visas for Travel

A visa is an official document which allows you to travel to certain countries. Any visas you are issued with will be attached to one of the pages in your passport.

  • If you travel in the European Union and you are a British Citizen you will not need a visa, but in other countries you probably will need one
  • It is more difficult to get a visa to enter some countries than it is for others. You may also have to pay for some visas
  • You must make sure you have got the right type of visa for the trip you want to take. Most tourist visas will last three months, but if you want to work when you are away, you will need a different kind of visa
  • You will have to get a visa before you travel, so make sure you leave enough time before you go away to get one. There are companies who can organise a visa for you, but this may cost you some money
  • You can check what you need to visit each country with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s directory

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