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It is really important to organise your money before you go away. Having access to enough money will ensure you can do the things you want to on your travels.

  • Make sure you are aware of the different currencies in other countries, for example many countries in Europe now use the Euro
  • Visit your local post office, bank or travel agent to exchange your currency before you leave. Some facilities offer better rates than others, so shop around to make sure you get the most for your money

How much money will I need to take?

  • Before you leave, make sure you have planned carefully for what you can spend while you are away. It is a good idea to work out a budget which will help you ensure you do not run out of money
  • The amount of money you take with you will depend on how much you can afford, how long you are going away, what you would like to do while on your travels and where you are visiting
  • Some countries are more expensive than others, so it is best to research how much accommodation, food and activities will cost before you go away
  • Don't leave it until the last minute to plan your money arrangements - make sure you've budgeted carefully and you have the currency you need before you leave
  • Remember to leave yourself enough money to travel back home!

Types of money

  • A lot of people take a mixture of cash, travellers' cheques, credit and debit cards when they go abroad
  • Travellers' cheques are a safe way to take money with you as they require identification and your signature in order to be cashed. You will be charged to cash your travellers' cheque and so they can be an expensive means of accessing your money
  • You can use your credit and debit card to withdraw money and pay for items abroad but you will probably be charged by your bank for this
  • Make sure you keep your cash, travellers' cheques, credit and debit cards in a safe place or with you at all times

Student Discount

  • If you have an International Student Identity Card you may be entitled to discounts on travel, goods and services. You can obtain a card from the International Student Travel Confederation
  • You can also join the Youth Hostel Association which entitles you to save money on hostel accommodation

Working abroad

  • If you run out of money or are strapped for cash, it may be possible for you to work while you are abroad to earn some money. Visit the Working section [link to 3c Working] for more information

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