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Photography and Digital Imagery

Photography is the taking and developing of photographs, it is both a science and an art and can be undertaken as an interesting hobby or a career.

Success in photography is a combination of the type of camera you use, the way you use it, your technique and your choices of pictures. Photographers try to capture images in a creative way for many reasons - to make a statement, to tell a story, to make people laugh or to move people. You can also just take personal pictures to remember special times.

You may take a part-time photography course, study photography at university or learn about it using the Internet and other available sources. Most colleges and universities run courses in photography. Contact your local college or university for more information.

If you are very keen on photography it is advisable to buy a camera for your own use. They tend to be expensive, so make sure you look after your equipment.

Many people collect photography in the same way they collect art - there are famous modern welsh photographers such as Andy Chittock, Sian Trenberth, Michael Dearden, Mansel Davies, Nick Jenkins, Phil Boorman and Graham Morley.

Wales is a great location to take photographs - the best sites for photography are Conwy Falls, Llangollen Canal and Llanrhaeadr Waterfall.

The Royal Photographic Society is a registered educational charity and was created to promote photography in the UK and it still continues to do this today - membership is open to anyone interested and the society has more specialist groups, such as for digital imaging, fine printing, nature photography, contemporary practice, pictorialism, imaging science and moving image. The society also runs education programmes, workshops and lectures across the UK.

The main photography clubs and societies in Wales are:

  • Gwent Photographic and Digital Imaging Society
  • Merthyr Tydfil Photographic Society
  • Pyle and Porthcawl Photographic Society
  • Cardiff Digital Imaging Group
  • Conwy Camera Club
  • Morriston Camera Club
  • Ffotogallery - the leading agency for photography in Wales
  • Swansea Camera Club
  • Monmouth Photographic Club
  • Cardiff Camera Club
  • Bridgend Camera Club

Digital Imagery

Digital cameras allow photographers to transfer their images straight onto a computer. Certain software packages can allow users to make changes to these images to improve their quality.

Digital images can be emailed to others and printed out on photographic paper. Digital cameras also allow photographers to see how the photo will look before it is printed.

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