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Shooting Sports

  • Shooting sports are competitive sports which test accuracy and speed
  • Shooting sports may be carried out using shotguns, hand guns or rifles
  • Shooting actually has an exemplary safety record - it has the lowest incidence of accidental injuries of all sports. This is because of the strict regulations of the use of firearms in the sport and the high standard of training and education that has been necessary. Shooting law must be absolutely adhered to, not only under the rules of the sport but under British law
  • Young shooters can learn to safely and responsibly use firearms under a regime which ensures their own and the public's safety
  • However, no one should shoot without full insurance cover - a reliable insurance cover is through the British Association for Shooting and Conservation which provides full cover for accidents
  • There are many different kinds of shooting in the UK including clay pigeon shooting and target shooting

Pistol shooting

  • In all pistol events, competitors gain points by shooting at a 10-ring target
  • The winner is the person who scores the most points
  • Pistol shooters are in a standing position and must hold and fire the gun with one hand
  • Points are awarded between one for the outside ring and 10 for the middle (bull)
  • There are different pistol events - some are 10m, some are 25m and some are 50m, and the rules and sequences of shooting vary for each event
  • There are also precision targets for 50m and 25m, and rapid fire targets
  • To get involved in shooting, you can join a shooting club or shooting range - there are thousands in the UK
  • Most clubs welcome anyone wanting to learn
  • Visit the British Shooting Sports Council website which covers all shooting disciplines

Clay pigeon shooting

  • Clay pigeon shooting is a recreational and competitive activity in which participants attempt to break clay disks which have been flung in to the air at high speed
  • Participants shoot from a range of angles
  • Clay pigeon shooting has a strong tradition in Wales and there is a successful Welsh clay pigeon shooting team
  • If you're interested in shooting you can join a local shooting school

Did you know....?

  • Shooting brings work and revenue into the countryside and contributes significantly to the UK economy - 26,300 full-time jobs in the UK are directly dependent on shooting
  • The British Association for Shooting and Conservation has over 123,000 members
  • Over a million people take part in shooting sports every year, which is more than in rugby, hockey and athletics

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