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Motor Sports

  • Motor sports can be very dangerous and life-threatening - you should only undertake motor sports activities with the right equipment, in a proper circuit and under the supervision of trained professionals
  • Motor sports (also known as automobile racing, auto sports or auto racing) involves racing automobiles
  • Motor sports include motorcycle racing, as well as motorboat racing and air racing
  • There are several different types of motor sports such as single-seat racing, rallying, touring car racing and ice racing
  • Anyone over the age of 18 can drive competitively
  • Most kinds of motor sports can be undertaken with ordinary road cars, and there are events for old, brand new and small cars
  • You may not even need a car - a lot of motor sports require an active participant in the passenger seat
  • If you want to be involved in motor sports but don't want to compete, you could become a marshal - there are plenty of opportunities in Wales - or you could spectate
  • The Wales Rally GB needs around 5,000 volunteer officials and marshals
  • You can also find permanent employment in the motor sports industry - Britain is often said to be the centre of the motor sports world and it employs around 50,000 people full time and 100,000 people part-time in the industry

Single-seat racing (Formula One)

  • Single-seat racing (also called open wheel racing) is the most well known of motor sports
  • Cars used for this sport are designed specifically for high speed racing
  • Races are held on closed circuits designed specially for the vent or street circuits, which are closed off
  • Drivers can reach speeds of over 200mph
  • To learn motor racing you need to find your nearest motor sports centre
  • The most famous motor sports event is the Formula One World Championship
  • This is an annual event which features the biggest international car and engine manufacturers who battle each other to create the highest standard in technology and the skill of the driver
  • Other single-seat races are GP2, Formula Nippon, Formula Nissan, Formula 3, Formula Atlantic and Al Grand Prix


  • Another type of single-seat racing is kart racing
  • This uses a small, low cost machine on small tracks
  • This is specifically designed for young people. At a go-karting centre, a junior circuit is usually 8-13 years and a senior circuit is usually


  • Karting is one of the fastest growing forms of motor sport in the world
  • It is the first step towards professional motor racing
  • Most F1 drivers began their careers in go-karting
  • There are hundreds of go-karting companies and schools in the UK. Visit UK Karting and see the contact directory.

Rallying/rally racing

  • Rallying uses tailored production cars which are raced on closed public roads or off-road areas
  • There are two types of rallying - road rallies and stage rallies
  • Road rallies are run on public roads and stage rallies are run on circuits
  • One rally usually covers different types of surfaces
  • The co-driver's job is to guide the driver and help him complete each stage of the rally as quickly as possible
  • He will read the notes aloud over an intercom system so the driver can hear him over the noise of the car
  • The winner is the driver who finishes in the quickest time
  • The top event in rallying is the World Rally Championships, but there are also regional championships
  • Some famous rallies include the Monte Carlo Rally and Rally Argentina
  • Motor Clubs usually run one or more rallies each year
  • If you want to take up rallying, contact your local motor club

Did you know...?

  • The cars in Formula 1 races reach speeds of often more than 320km per hour/ 200 mph
  • There are almost 800 registered motor clubs which organise 4,700 different events in 22 disciplines
  • Over 30,000 individuals hold Motor Sports Association (MSA) Competition Licenses
  • There are at least 100, 000 competitors in British motor sports
  • Formula One is the most expensive sport in the world. Some teams spend over £115m every year

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