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  • Lacrosse is a team game where players pass the ball to each other using a stick with a net attached to the end
  • A goal is scored when the ball is shot into the other team's goal net
  • Lacrosse is a non-contact sport, but a player can tackle an opponent with the ball by tapping the opponent's stick in a controlled way with their own stick to dislodge the ball
  • There are 12 players to a team and 16 players in a squad. Rolling substitutions are permitted to allow the game to be played at a very fast pace
  • Lacrosse is a very physical, athletic and skilful game played by males and females on single sex teams
  • The rules are different for men's and women's lacrosse. Men's lacrosse is more physical, and so the players wear protective equipment including helmets, gloves and arm padding
  • Women's lacrosse is non-contact and so the players do not wear protective equipment
  • Mini lacrosse is a version of the game played by beginners. It's non-contact and the players cannot tap each others' sticks
  • Box lacrosse/indoor lacrosse is played with six players on each team with rules similar to hockey
  • Lacrosse is growing in popularity across the globe. Australia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ireland, the Iroquois Nation, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden and Wales all have national teams

POP Lacrosse

  • Some schools in Wales play POP lacrosse. This version is non-contact and plastic headed sticks are used instead of wooden ones
  • Some schools also participate in the Welsh Lacrosse Association's pop lacrosse development programme and the Welsh Pop Lacrosse Championships annual tournament

Lacrosse at university

  • Lacrosse is a popular university sport, so if you haven't had a chance to play at school, you may be able to join a team at university

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