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Ice Sports

Ice sports include any activity played on ice, including both team and individual sports

Figure skating

  • Figure skating routines can be performed both individually and in pairs
  • The routines include spins, jumps and fast skating on the ice, choreographed to music

Ice dancing

  • Ice dancing is performed in pairs and concentrates on graceful dance movements on the ice
  • Partners in ice dancing must be in contact throughout the whole routine

Speed skating

  • Speed skating involves skating at high speeds around an oval track
  • The winner of a speed skating race is the person who completes the circuit in the shortest time. Competitors race separately to avoid collisions

Short track

  • Short track is different to speed skating because all the competitors race around an oval ice track at the same time. This often results in lots of high speed collisions as competitors race to finish first


  • Curling is becoming increasingly popular following the British team's success in the 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympic Games
  • It is played by teams competing on a flat sheet of ice
  • The aim is to move a large stone from one end of the ice to the centre of the target at the other end, using brooms to guide the stone

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