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  • Hockey is a game where two teams compete by passing a ball or puck using a hockey stick and trying to score in the opponents' net or goal, past a goalkeeper
  • There are several different kinds of hockey including field hockey, ice hockey and roller hockey
  • Both ice hockey and field hockey are played professionally and by amateurs in the UK
  • There are 11 players on a team

Field hockey

  • Field hockey is a version of hockey played on gravel, grass, sand or artificial turf
  • It is most widely played in Western Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • Field hockey sticks are smaller than ice hockey sticks - modern ones have a hooked blade, whereas ice hockey sticks have a long blade that can lie flat on the playing surface when the stick is held upright
  • Field hockey is played in most comprehensive schools in Britain and in leagues and academies in Britain and the rest of Europe

Hockey in Wales

  • There are many professional men's and ladies’ professional hockey teams in Wales, affiliated to the Welsh Hockey Union
  • Most Welsh primary and secondary schools are affiliated to the Welsh Hockey Union
  • If your school doesn't have a hockey team, contact your local sports centre to find out about the local hockey team

Ice hockey

  • Ice hockey is hockey played on ice, with a small 7-8 ounce rubber puck
  • Ice hockey is played mainly in Canada, Russia, the United States and the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Scandinavia
  • It is played less in Britain, although there is a British Elite Ice Hockey League, which is the UK's top professional ice hockey league
  • The Cardiff Devils is a well-known Welsh ice hockey club which is a member of the Elite League

Roller hockey

  • As roller hockey uses quad skates, it is sometimes called quad hockey
  • Roller hockey at international level is referred to as Rink Hockey
  • Roller hockey is a fast-paced game played on quad roller skates in an indoor rink with a ball
  • Rink hockey sticks have a curled 'L' shape and they are roughly the same size as those in field hockey
  • Rink hockey is popular in southern European countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, and certain South American countries, such as Brazil and Argentina

Inline hockey

  • There are a number of variations of inline hockey, all played on inline skates using ice hockey sticks.
  • Inline hockey is a type of hockey which is similar to ice hockey - the game is played by two teams, consisting of four skaters and one goalie on each, on a dry rink
  • The game is played in two 20-minute periods
  • Inline hockey has similarities to roller hockey and is often also called roller hockey, but it's different because it has a different type of skate and different game rules

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