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Gymnastics and Trampolining

  • If you want to try either gymnastics or trampolining, you must be properly supervised at all times by a trained coach
  • Gymnastics involves performing a number of exercises on different types of equipment and on the floor
  • This includes floor exercises, and using parallel bars, a balance beam, a pommel horse, horizontal bar, uneven bars, a vault and rings
  • Gymnastics can greatly improve your flexibility and balance
  • If a gymnastics club is registered with Welsh Gymnastics, it means its coaches have a coaching qualification recognised by Welsh and British Gymnastics, which stress the importance of safety
  • If you are a beginner, you'll start with learning floor exercises, including how to land on your feet and hands
  • There are nine different disciplines within gymnastics including general gymnastics, men's artistic, women's artistic, rhythmic, acrobatic, aerobic, tumbling, Welsh Schools' gymnastics and trampolining


  • Trampolining involves performing a routine of somersaults and twists on a trampoline
  • The moves include full twist jumps, pike, straddle jumps, seat drops and back drops
  • Many schools provide lessons in gym and trampolining as part of the Key Stage Three curriculum. Your local leisure centre may also have trampolining and gymnastic facilities

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