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Fencing should only be tried if you are supervised by a qualified teacher and using the correct clothing and equipment.

  • Each fencer must wear a mesh faceguard and metallic over jacket
  • It is played by two people who score points by hitting a part of the opponent's body with a weapon
  • The weapons are electronically wired to record when a hit is scored
  • There are three types of fencing - epee, foils and sabre - which have different scoring rules

    Most fencing clubs charge a membership fee which covers tuition and hire of equipment. Welsh Fencing has two types of junior membership:
  • Junior members - Junior members are aged between 13 and 20 and can compete in all relevant British and international events
  • Musketeer members - Musketeer members are under 13. They compete in county and regional events, British Age Group Championships, relevant age group events and Public Schools Championships

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