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Diving & Snorkelling

If you are considering taking up any sub-aqua sports you should contact a registered club as diving or snorkelling without the proper clothing and equipment can be dangerous.

You should only try diving and snorkelling if you are a confident swimmer.


  • The most common way of learning to dive is to attend a course which begins in a swimming pool and eventually progresses to the open water
  • You should check that your local diving club is registered with a diving agency, otherwise your qualification will not be recognised outside the club
  • The most popular agencies in the UK are the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)
  • In order to dive on your own you must gain the relevant qualification endorsed by a registered certification agency. Before going on a dive with any clubs or schools they will ask to see your certificate to check that you are a qualified diver
  • To go diving in the open water you will need to wear a wet suit. You should be able to rent one from your diving club along with the correct breathing apparatus


  • Snorkelling is relatively cheap and easy to do and the basic steps are easy to learn
  • You will need a mask and a snorkel to go snorkelling so that you can see and breathe under water
  • It is becoming increasingly popular to go snorkelling whilst on holiday abroad as many countries outside the UK have some spectacular underwater scenery
  • There are clubs that you can join to improve your skills and make friends to go snorkelling with

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