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There are several versions of cricket, but the most popular version involves two teams of 11 players:

  • Each team takes it in turns to bat and bowl
  • The batting team try to score as many runs as they can by hitting the ball within the field
  • The bowling team must try to get them out by bowling at the cricket stumps which stand at either end of the wicket
  • The bowling team can get the batsmen out by hitting the stumps or by catching the ball after it is struck and before it hits the ground
  • Once the whole batting team is out, the teams swap over
  • Whoever scores the most runs wins the game

Dragon Cricket

This is a more simple version of cricket, played by children aged 7-11 in Wales. There are two teams of five and the pitch has two sets of wickets with two markers at the side for the batting team to run around.

Kwik Cricket

Kwik Cricket is another version of the game played by children up to the age of 11. The equipment is made from moulded plastic for safety and play can be adapted to the number of players you have.

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