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Basketball is a fast-paced team sport played by both sexes.

There are five players on each team, but a whole squad is made up of 12 players who are swapped with unlimited substitutions during the game.

Players move the ball around the court by passing, throwing, rolling or dribbling. Teams score points by throwing the ball into the opposition's basket. The team that scores the most points wins.

The Wales national teams are:

  • Senior Men
  • Senior Women
  • U18 Men
  • U18 women
  • U16 Boys
  • U16 Girls
  • U14 Boys
  • U14 Girls

Basketball events and competitions

An organisation called Let Me Play Basketball runs a number of basketball events throughout the year including the Summer Hoops Camp and the Elite Players Pro Development Camp.

For more information on how to get involved, see the Let Me Play website

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball has very similar rules to basketball with the teams still consisting of five players.

The Great Britain team has four divisions as well as a women's league.

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