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Badminton can be played by singles and doubles, mixed or same sex. Singles and doubles have slightly different rules.

The women's game is played slightly differently from the men's game.

  • Men must score 15 points to win, women must score 11 points to win
  • A match consists of the best of three games
  • You win a rally if you hit the shuttle over the net and onto the floor of the opposing side's court
  • You lose the rally if you hit the shuttle into the net, or over the net but outside of the opposing side's court
  • You also lose the rally if you hit it again before it crosses the net or the shuttle touches you or your clothing
  • You can only score if you were the person serving, and the points go up by one point each time
  • In both doubles and singles matches, 15 points win a men's game and 11 points win a women's game - as long as the winner is two points clear of the opponent
  • You can get involved in badminton by contacting the Welsh Badminton Union or your local sports centre

Badminton at school

The Welsh Badminton Union runs the Welsh Top Schools Event, which is open to all schools registered. Each school may enter a maximum of two boys' teams and two girls' teams.

The Badminton Union also runs a Junior Shuttle Tournament and Junior Satellite Series.

Did you know?

Badminton is the second most-popular participation sport in the world. Only football beats it. It is the fastest racquet sport in the world - the shuttle can be hit at speeds of up to 200mph.

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