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  • Drink plenty of water throughout the class to replace the water your body loses as you sweat
  • Tell your aerobics instructor if you have an injury - they will be able to give you alternative exercises to do so you do not injure yourself further
  • Aerobics classes can be a really fun way to get fit. Classes are usually a combination of physical exercises with an instructor telling you how to do each exercise along with music
  • Many sports and leisure centres run aerobics classes on weekdays and weekends
  • Aerobics classes vary in intensity, depending on your fitness level. If you're unsure of which class to join, speak to someone who works at your local sports or leisure centre for advice
  • There are many different types of aerobics classes. Some include:
    • Dance aerobics : aerobics routines incorporating dance moves
    • Step aerobics : aerobics routines incorporating a raised step or platform for a more intensive workout
    • Box-a-cise : an intensive aerobics class incorporating boxing techniques such as punches, upper cuts and jabs
    • Kaibo : aerobics routines incorporating martial arts techniques
  • Other forms of aerobic exercises include circuit training, kick boxing and running classes
  • You may want to watch a class you are thinking about joining before taking part
  • Try a few different classes to find out which one you like best
  • It's best to wear cool, light clothing such as a tee shirt and shorts to aerobics classes. You will also need trainers with good cushioning and support

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