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  • Inventions are made by inventors who produce things, which have never been created before
  • You can invent anything you can think of, in any area of life. You don't even have to invent physical things you can hold - you can invent new languages or music
  • If you are inventing something that involves using machinery, chemicals or tools, always be careful. Wear protective clothing and make sure you get expert supervision
  • Famous inventors have invented many of the things we take for granted today, including:
    • The telephone (Alexander Graham Bell)
    • The light bulb (Thomas Edison)
    • Television (John Logie Baird)
    • Cameras (George Eastman)
  • It may be possible to get started in inventing at school, where you may be asked to invent things as part of design projects. If not, you can always join a local inventing club, where you will have the help and support of other members, or you can start on your own in your free time. All you need is a good imagination!

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