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  • Many cities and towns in Wales have a cinema where you can see the latest films before they are available to buy
  • Big cities have multiplex cinemas - they usually have seven or more screens showing different films at different times
  • Smaller cities and towns usually have cinemas with one screen showing one or two films for a limited period of time
  • The cinema is a quiet environment, so make sure you switch off your mobile phone to avoid disturbing other people around you

Film classification

All films shown at a cinema in the UK must hold a certificate from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). Certificates are given to each film to indicate the recommended age a film is suitable for. The classifications are:

  • U - Universal, suitable for all ages
  • PG - Parental Guidance, suitable for all but some scenes may be unsuitable for younger children
  • 12A - children under twelve must be accompanied by a person over 18
  • 15 - suitable for audiences of 15 years and older
  • 18 - suitable only for adults

Films are assessed according to their content of language, sex and violence. When going to the cinema, you may be asked for proof of your age.


  • It is illegal to use any photographic equipment (including your mobile phone) to take pictures or film while the cinema is showing a film
  • If anyone is suspected of filming inside the cinema, they are in danger of being reported to the police

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