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Friendships at 17-18 years old

Many friendships are formed in school, so when the time comes to move on, leave school and start at university or get a job, it can be difficult to keep some friendships going.

You may find you or your friends move away to university or to start a career and meet new friends.

Some friendships will continue throughout university or time away by keeping in touch during term time and over the summer holidays, but others may not. This is nothing to feel guilty about and is quite common.

Sometimes people lose touch as their lives take different directions and you have less in common. It is no-one's fault.

Sometimes friendships come back into your life at a later date, so even if you lose touch for a few years it might not mean that you'll never have your friendship again.

You will meet lots of new people at university or in your new job and many of these people can become lifelong friends.

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