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Friendships at 15-16 years old

Your friends when you're in school are some of the most important people in your life but sometimes changing situations can effect your friendships.


  • From 15-16 years old, you will be revising for and taking your exams. This can be a stressful time and the exams can mean you see less of your friends
  • Your exams are an important part of your education and your future and a true friend will encourage you to do your best and will still be there after the exams are over
  • The exam period can be a worrying time and if you are feeling anxious or nervous, you might want to try talking to your friends, who can understand what you are going through. They might also want to come to you and talk about how they feel so be supportive and be there for them if they need you

Boyfriends and girlfriends

  • You and your friends might start going out with boyfriends or girlfriends and this might mean you see less of them. This is perfectly natural but, at times, you might feel they are neglecting you. Try talking to them about how you feel and suggest arranging some time to spend alone together
  • If you are in a relationship, it is important to remember that your friends will always be there, but your current boyfriend or girlfriend might not, so don't lose touch with them
  • If you are both in relationships, arrange for your boyfriends or girlfriends to meet each other and try going out as a group

If you or your friends are worried about anything at all, talk to each other. True friends accept you as you are.

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