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You won't always agree with people's opinions and this is perfectly normal but when a disagreement gets to the point where one or both people are getting angry then it turns into an argument.

  • Arguing is upsetting and during an argument lots of things can be said that hurt your feelings
  • Arguing can be even more stressful if it is happening on a regular basis with the same person. Most young people will argue with their parents or guardians or their brothers and sisters and this is a normal part of growing up and having a relationship with someone
  • It is also common to argue with your friends, boyfriends or girlfriends from time to time
  • Everybody has their own ideas and opinions and if yours clash with someone else's, this can cause an argument
  • But screaming and shouting at each other and slamming doors will not get you anywhere. Getting what you want will require more maturity. Start by talking calmly about what you want, why you want it and why you think it should happen. Then, without interrupting, listen to the other person's point of view. Then, together, try and calmly reach a decision that you are both happy with
  • By acting maturely and respectfully, you are more likely to get what you want
  • Everyone argues and it is usually something to worry about, but if you are concerned by how much you argue with someone, talk to them and tell them how you feel. They probably feel the same. Try looking at the cause of your arguments and how you can try and avoid them starting in the first place
  • Arguing should never result in violence from either side. If your arguments are becoming violent, seek help and support

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