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Step Parents

Living with a step-parent or a step-family can be difficult at first and can take a while to get used to. It is very hard to imagine how your new family life will be and it will take time to get to know and like them.

It can also be upsetting to see one of your parents with a new partner, but remember your step-parent will not be looking to replace your real mum or dad.

  • Trying to get along with your new step-parent doesn't mean you are being disloyal to your real parent. Its a good sign of you being grown-up and adjusting to a new situation in a mature and healthy way
  • It is very natural that you might feel jealous, angry, confused, upset and worried, or a mixture of these emotions. Try talking to your parent or another member of the family about how you feel and together find ways to resolve these feelings
  • At first you may not like your new step-parent or family. It is normal to feel threatened, but give it time for everyone to adjust. Remember, it will not be easy for your step-parent or family either
  • Try and be open-minded about your new parent or family and allow time to get to know them properly, your mum or dad is trying to make their new relationship work with your new parent and they probably have a lot of good qualities
  • Although it might not feel like it at times, having a step-parent or step-family can be a good thing. After all, you have even more people who care about you to give you love and support, introduce you to and teach you new things

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