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Mums, Dads and Carers

Mums, dads and carers or guardians are big parts of our lives, but you might not always see eye to eye with them

It is completely normal to have the occasional argument with your parents or carers as you grow up, whether it is about boyfriends and girlfriends, going out, money, school or college.

They might have different ideas to you and arguments can happen if you feel strongly about something and your parents or carer feels the opposite. When you see an argument brewing, try to understand things from their point of view and don't fly off the handle.

  • There are other ways to resolve problems without arguing. Having a calm and well-reasoned discussion is likely to get you much further
  • Remember your parents or carers were your age once and they know what it is like. Try and take on board their opinions and suggestions. Often they are just concerned for your wellbeing and safety
  • Communication is the key to a happy relationship. Keeping your feelings inside can leave you frustrated and unhappy and can lead to more arguments
  • Talking to your parents or carer is really important. If something is bothering you, be honest and talk to them in a calm and controlled way. You'll be surprised how much it can help. Try to find a time when you and your parents are relaxed to talk to them about the things that concern you
  • Some parents or carers can seem overprotective, pushy or seem to not understand your views. If you think your parent or carer is being unfair, then talk them through the issues which are affecting you and try to reach a compromise. Shouting won't get you anywhere but talking to them calmly and clearly about how you feel will

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