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Being Part Of A Family

Being a part of a family can be great because you will always have someone who belongs to you, who has shared memories with you, and who can help and support you.

Every family is different, from small to large, families together and those that live separately, adopted families, step parents and brothers or sisters, or living with foster parents or guardians.

Sometimes there are problems getting along with one another when you live so closely together and have to share living spaces. It's natural and normal to argue at times and there's no such thing as a perfect family. However we can learn a lot about getting on with other people from learning to live with our families at home.

Here are some tips to achieving happy family relationships:

  • Talk to your family members about your feelings and concerns, remember to listen to each other too
  • If you want people to treat you well then you have to treat them nicely too. People who treat each other with honesty and respect will get along together much better than if they are rude, loud and selfish
  • Being a girl or a boy, the eldest, youngest, shortest or tallest doesn't give you any more rights than the others in the family. It's about being tolerant and being considerate of one another

This section provides you with information about life family.

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