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Extended Families

Your extended family consists of more than parents and children. Extended family members include aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents and foster children.

An extended family can live together for many different reasons. For example, they may help to look after children or support an ill relative or it may just work financially.

  • Some children are raised by their grandparents when their parents cannot look after them. Try to be understanding that your grandparents are from a much older generation and might have different views on things to your parents
  • Sometimes being part of an extended family means you receive less attention from your relatives as there are more of you. If you are feeling neglected or lonely, tell them how you feel. They might not realise you feel that way
  • The great thing about being part of an extended family means you have more people around you to talk to and who can support you, so make the most of it! Some people aren't so lucky and never get to meet their relatives

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