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Supported Lodgings

Supported lodgings are a way of providing young people with a form of independent living within a family setting. They are aimed at 16 and 17 year olds who cannot live at home but are not yet ready to live completely independently or be looked after by the local authority, in a children's home for example.

You can stay in supported lodgings for as long as it is agreed between you and the carer and that you are fulfilling your placement agreement. If people cannot return home, they usually remain in supported lodgings until they are 18 and have finished school/college.

  • The idea of supported lodgings is to give you a taste of being independent while still having the support of an adult, who will be there if you need help in any way
  • The carer you are living with will not be responsible for you as a parent or guardian
  • You will be treated as an independent adult in the household
  • You will rent a room, buy and cook your own food, look after your own money and do your own chores
  • There will still be rules to abide by though and you will sign a written agreement to stick to them and consequences if you breach these that could result in you being asked to leave
  • Your social worker will visit you regularly during your stay and you can talk to them freely about any worries
  • Supported lodgings aim to build your confidence and independence, so use the opportunity wisely

If you are worried about going into supported lodgings, talk to your social worker. You can view the accommodation and meet your carer before you make any firm decision.

After your time in supported lodgings, social services can help you find independent accommodation on your own.

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