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Every family has its problems, but sometimes a family might struggle to cope with their problems and you could suffer as a result.

Sometimes it is necessary for children to be removed from the family to make sure they are safe, well and looked after.

This is not your fault and is not a punishment. It gives your parents time to get things back on track and gives you the caring environment you need.

Sometimes it is necessary for you to be removed because of some form of neglect or abuse and you might have to be looked after by someone else for a while.

  • The local authority will arrange for you to go and live with a foster carer while your parents get some help. You may only be separated from your family for a short time or it could be a long-term arrangement. However, most foster children return to their families at some point
  • If you are unable to return to your family, social services will find a long-term foster family to look after you. This might seem like a frightening thought but social services are trying to do what they consider is best for you. It will be difficult to begin with, but try and talk to your new carer about how you feel and things will get better with time
  • A care order is when social services have responsibility for you instead of your parents. A care order lasts until you are 18, unless someone asks the court to remove the care order
  • Being taken away from your family is very hard. You are likely to feel angry, upset, betrayed by your parents or social services, alone and frightened. It is natural to feel this way but don't keep your emotions bottled up, talk to social services about how you feel. They work with young people every day and will understand and want to help
  • Although it may not feel like it at times, everyone has your best interests at heart. You might be confused by what is happening or worried about your future so talk to someone. It will help to understand

If you can't talk to social services or your carer, there are organisations waiting for your call who you can talk to in confidence and for free. See the links below for the phone numbers of people who can help.

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