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Being in a Relationship

It’s normal and healthy to want to find someone to be in a relationship with, to share your time and experiences with. Every relationship is unique and there is also no hurry to get into a relationship until you feel you are ready.

It can be a great experience but sometimes it can also be a confusing or worrying time for many of us. Being with someone requires respect, compromise and communication about our feelings. Sometimes it is easy to forget how much time, patience and commitment we need to put in to make the relationship work.

You have the right to make choices in your relationships and shouldn’t be pressured to rush into anything. Remember, your feelings are what matter the most and if you need help and advice, always approach someone you trust to voice out your concerns.

With advice and support on relationship matters like finding someone to go out with, turning a friendship into a relationship, going out with someone, having sex, same sex relationships, moving in with someone and getting married, this section covers a range of topics including some of the emotional aspects to consider.

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