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In School

Money available to parents

  • If your family is on a low income, they can sometimes get help with the costs of your education from the government
  • If your family are on Income Support or Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, you will be allowed a free midday meal while you are at school or college, as long as you are under the age of 19. Ask your form tutor, Year Head or Student Services for advice
  • If you are aged 16-18 years old and still at school or college but are receiving Income Support or Income-based Job seeker's Allowance yourself (i.e. in your own right), you will also be entitled to free school meals. Ask your form tutor, Year Head or Student Services for advice
  • Free school meals requests can be made by the parent or pupil, or by someone on their behalf e.g. a relative, friend or someone working with/for your family to help you access all the benefits you are entitled to e.g. a representative from the Citizens Advice Bureau (see below)
  • Some local authorities will also help with the cost of clothing for pupils if the family is on a low income

For more information on free school meals and clothing grants in your area, please call your local Education Authority or visit the Citizens Advice Bureau, or read the extensive Q&A put together by the Welsh Government.

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