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This section looks at how you can budget and have more control over your own money.

  • A budget is simply a record or plan of how much money you have coming in (your income) and how much money you are spending or expecting to spend (your out-goings)
  • Why budget? Budgeting helps you make sure you don't spend more than you can afford, it makes sure you don’t lose track of your money or simply waste it, and it helps you plan for the important and fun things in life
  • You might find you need to create a short-term budget, for example, if you are saving up for something or want to make sure you can cover your everyday costs, or, a more long-term budget, for example, if you are taking out a loan

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National Editor

National Editor

Commented 75 months ago - 12th March 2010 - 16:41pm

Hello there CookieDough123!

Have a look at our money info area where there's loads of advice:

Read jescc's article:

Hope this helps - if you need further info & advice, the Cwtch helpline is coming very soon. It's launch will be announced here on CLIC.

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