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Child Benefit

Child Benefit is a benefit for anyone bringing up children under 16 (or under 20 if they are in approved education or training).

It is not affected by income or savings and is paid for each child individually.

Currently, you can get £20.50 per week for the eldest child (or only child) and £13.55 per week for each additional child. You will be paid every four weeks into a bank account, so do get yourself an account!

Please Note: Child Benefit is included in the Benefit Cap, which means your total benefits payment may be less than you think.

There is important info for those who adopt or foster, and these can be found here.

You should claim Child Benefit by completing a form, which you can get from the Child Benefit Office or Jobcentre Plus offices or you can download from here.

If you have any queries, the Child Benefit Helpline number is 0300 200 3100 (text phone 0300 200 3103). It can take up to 12 weeks for new claims to go through, so apply as soon as possible. Note: you can claim Child Benefit as soon as your child is born or comes to live with you.

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