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  • The Welsh Assembly Government wants every young person in Wales aged 11-25 to have the same rights or entitlements, things you are allowed/should have/have a right to.
  • Rights come with responsibilities - for adults and for you as a young person.
  • The things the Assembly thinks you should be entitled to are opportunities and choice:

1. Your Rights

a.To learn what your rights are and understand them
b. Make sure you are able to claim them and to understand and accept the responsibilities arising from them

2. Being Heard

It is your right to have the opportunity to be involved in making decisions, planning and reviewing an action that might affect you. Having a voice, having a choice, even if you don’t make the decision yourself, your voice, your choice.

3. Feeling Good

To feel confident and feel good about yourself.

4. Education & Employment

a. To be able to learn about things that interest and affect you
b. To enjoy the job that you do
c. To get involved in the activities that you enjoy including leisure, sporting, artistic, hobbies and cultural activities

5. Taking Part/Getting Involved

To be involved in volunteering and to be active in your community.

6. Being Individual

a. To be treated with respect and as an equal by everyone
b. To be recognised for what you have to contribute and of your achievements
c. To celebrate what you achieve

7. Easy Access

Easy access in getting the best services that you should have, locally and nationally, and to have someone available to help you find them.

8. Health & Wellbeing

To lead a healthy life, both physically and emotionally.

9. Access to Information & Guidance

To be able to get information, advice and support on a wide range of issues that affect your life, as and when you need it.

10. Safety & Security

To live in a safe, secure home and community.

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