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As a citizen who has rights you need to be aware that others have the same rights and you therefore have responsibilities to respect others rights.

You also have responsibilities to yourself, your family and friends.

A Knowing and understanding those responsibilities can be confusing at times and it is always a good idea to ask or help or look for explanations if you are not clear about any of your rights or responsibilities.

Some examples of your responsibilities are:

  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities linked to a particular role e.g. as a pupil, student, trainee, employee or someone seeking work. These are usually explained to you during an induction session and/or in an organisation’s handbook
  • Using moral values, such as fairness, honesty, truth or justice, in a particular situation
  • Understanding and respecting others from different cultures, nations, gender, religions, ethnicities and communities than your own
  • Combating prejudice and discrimination
  • Being aware of bias in information sources and the media
  • Managing your money/finances
  • Being aware of and thinking about risks and uncertainty when making a choice or decision
  • Trying to understand the results/consequences once decisions or actions have been made, both for you and for others
  • Deciding the best way to deal with problems and issues
  • Learning to understand how to cope with change, even when you do not like or agree with the change

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