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Your Rights

Human rights are universal guarantees protecting individuals and groups against actions that affect their freedom and human dignity. Everyone has rights, protected by law and they cannot be taken away.

As children and young people there are also additional rights to protect you and ensure you get the best opportunities in life. These additional rights were developed by the United Nations are detailed in something called the UNCRC - United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Convention contains 54 "articles" or main areas for which the government are responsible ensuring that you enjoy rights to education, information, are involved in decision-making, healthcare and a good standard of living, leisure activities, using the language and customs of your family, fair treatment in the criminal justice system and that you know what all of your rights are.

In 2004 the Welsh Assembly Government adopted the UNCRC as the basis of all its policies for children and young people, upholding your rights in every aspect of its work. CLIC is an important project helping to deliver Articles 13 and 17 of the UNCRC which relate to your right to information and the use of the media.

To find out more about UNCRC and to download useful resources, click here.

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