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Stalking can be defined as a constant and persistent harassment by another person. It is a frightening and serious crime.

It can involve a number of activities including being followed, receiving constant unwanted phone calls and visits and being watched. It is also possible to be stalked by e-mail or in a chat room so it is important to be aware of safety and privacy policies when using the Internet etc.

If you believe that you are being stalked:

  • Contact the local police
  • Ask for the name of the officer in charge of your case so you will know who to contact in the future
  • Ask a friend if they can be another contact for the police. This will be helpful in a situation if you are stressed so that the friend can talk to the police if you feel unable to do so
  • If the problem persists then you may be able to get a civil injunction against the person harassing you, the police should be able to help with details of how to do this

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