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Rape and Sexual Assault

Rape is an extremely serious violent crime and it is never the fault of the victim. In many cases the offender is known by the victim.

It can happen to anyone male or female and has nothing to do with age, how you look or how are you are dressed. However you help to protect yourself, for example by keeping an eye on your drinks to ensure that they do not get spiked and you subsequently find yourself a victim of drug rape.

A rape attack can leave you feeling degraded, confused, depressed and isolated. Many people do not want to talk about it and keep it to themselves sometimes for years. However it is important that you seek help as soon as possible so that you can start the process of coming to terms with what has happened.

If you are in the distressing and difficult situation of having to report a rape to the police it would be very helpful to have someone with you and if you have been attacked then it is important that you report it immediately. Police forces have specially trained officers who will work with you and with whom you can keep in touch during investigations and any subsequent prosecution.

Although you will feel like showering and changing your clothes immediately it is important not to as the police will be able to gather evidence from them to assist in finding and prosecuting the attacker. You will also need to see a doctor as soon as possible, the police officer will help in arranging this for you.

For further information check out the Rape and Sexual Assault page under the Crime pages in the information section.

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