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Racism, which is a specific type of discrimination, is against the law.

Racist attacks can be verbal or physical.

It is also against the law to print racist articles in magazines or newspapers.

With this in mind it is very important to consider your actions, and any public speeches and written published articles that you may produce.

Sometimes things are said or done without consideration of the effect on other people and can be subject to various acts/legislation.

Being aware of the law if you are involved in certain areas of public life is essential.

Being a victim of prejudice and racism is extremely distressing and frightening.

Verbal and physical attacks of a racial nature are regarded as an assault under criminal law.

If you think that you are a victim of racism it is essential that you do not hesitate to get help and support.

There are a number of organisations offering this help ranging from the Commission for Racial equality to the police who may have a Racist Incident Hotline and Minorities Support Unit.

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Commented 59 months ago - 28th June 2011 - 09:50am

im totally against bullying i have friends who are mixed race and white and i get on with other religions i really hope we can putn a stop to it!

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