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Vandalism and Graffiti

Vandalism is the crime of wrecking, destroying or defacing property that is not yours.

  • The activities of smashing windows in bus shelters, painting on houses and walls and kicking in post boxes not only makes the property look ugly but makes people feel angry and neighbourhoods look rundown
  • Unfortunately most of these crimes are committed by young people who are bored or angry
  • In recent years graffiti has been recognised as an art form and people can now accept that when it is controlled graffiti art can be interesting and in some cases beautiful art
  • There are now many groups of graffiti artists who make a living from their art
  • However this does not mean that you can graffiti other people‚Äôs property and it is against the law for shopkeepers to sell spray paint to under 16 year olds. So if you like graffiti art join a group or find a designated art space (somewhereto_ may be able to help you find or create a graffiti space)

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